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Genetic Personality Typing Sessions with Bob Cooley

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"What's my type? How do I find out what type I am?" These are amongst the most asked questions we receive here at The Body Is Medicine. And in addition to constantly expanding our database with the intention of giving you the tools you need to discover your own Genetic Personality Type, we would like to offer you the ability to meet Bob Cooley over video and get educated on your type and what exactly that means for you. 

Topics discussed in your Typing Session with Bob Cooley:

1. Identifying your Genetic Personality Type (GPT) - empowering, validating and nurturing yourself and others

2. Discussing your type's group and the high/low traits

3. Your type's organ, tissue, and other concomitances

4. Your type's relationship with other types - family, friends, associates, dating, and beyond

5. How to not sabotage yourself 

6. Recommendations for a more balanced development - integrating into the four parts of yourself

7. Getting out of the box of being your type

8. Your type's balancing/unconscious type

9. Other topics

For a 30 minute session: 275.00 USD

For a 60 minute session: 500.00 USD

To schedule a session, please email

We guarantee your Genetic Personality Type Session will resonate with you and expand who you are as a person or we'll give you a full refund.

Confidentiality: Your typing session is strictly confidential. This information is not professional psychological advise but instead a GPT theory conversation.

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