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Sexual Abuse and Obesity




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Bob Cooley explaining how a person's endocrine system can be negatively impacted as a result of a sexual abuse/trauma, how that often leads to weight gain and what to do about it.

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Sexual Abuse Negatively Impacting the Internal Immune System and Thymus Meridian/Type, Internal Immune System Dysfunction Causes Problems for the Endocrine System and Sexual Meridian/Type, the Endocrine System and a Person’s Weight, Removing Scar Tissue and Trauma Through Stretching and Experiencing That

Sexual, Brain, Thymus, Appendix

Overweight/Obesity, Depersonalization, Trust Issues, Bad Moods, Dissatisfaction, Neurological Issues, Feelings of Low Self Worth, Anxiety, Abusive Behavior, Menticidal 

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This is a very difficult topic to talk about, but I think if we talk about it and we learn some things about it, I think it can get rid of a whole lot of suffering that a lot of people are having. And the topic is sexual abuse and obesity, how those things are connected. I've stretched about 10, I call it 10,000 people. And when you are that intimate with people, stretching them and going after different muscle groups in their body and finding out where they have dense fascia and scar tissue and finding out how that's associated with their physiological health, not just biomechanically, but also their psychology and their emotional maturation and their spiritual or value systems, you start to learn a lot about people. People start to tell you things that probably regular people don't hear a lot about. You're just not in that situation. But in the profession I'm in, the healing profession, you get a lot of stories that would really, really quite difficult to handle. And so one of those is about sexual abuse and the connection with that and obesity. Of the, say, 10,000 people I've stretched, and I have a very kind of above average population in a lot of ways that I'm stretching, 60 to 70% have been sexually abused. I don't think people would imagine that. They think it's a very small number, like 10% or 20%. It's not like that. And I might be very conservative in giving you that estimate. And it happens to people at all kinds of different ages. It horrific no matter what age it happens at, but it happens at all kinds of ages, from infants all the way up for the whole person's life. So what happens when a person is sexually abused, and how does that affect their weight and their body? Why does that do that? 'Cause people are not usually thinking it does that. It does do that. It does a lot of things too. Well, what happens is that when you get sexually abused, it causes scar tissue to develop on the muscle groups of the back of the nape of your neck, over your head, down your arm, back of your arm. That's called your internal immune system muscle groups. Internal immune is associated with your thymus, sits on top of your heart, your tonsils, and half the function of your spleen. And when that sexual trauma occurs, scar tissue shows up in that muscle group. And when it does, it dampens how your internal immune works. Well, if that wasn't bad enough, what happens is that if your internal immune gets dampened in its functioning, that causes a problem in your endocrine system down the front center of your body. Biomechanically, they're opposing muscle groups 'cause when the muscles contract, they move at 90 degrees angles to each other. But they're oppositional. So here you get sexually abused, and as if that wasn't bad enough, your endocrine system starts malfunctioning. But your endocrine system is what controls your weight. It's not your food that you're eating. It's not just your exercise. Those are all very important factors. It's really when you eat food, can you digest that food? And your endocrine system has a huge part in that. So a lot of people that are obese, overweight, what happens for them is that they try to control their weight by controlling their food, or they try to control their exercise, hoping they can interfere, interface with their weight gain, and they're not successful. And they try really hard, and they're incredibly integritous in their efforts, even if they think they're not as good as they think they are. It's amazing to watch, but it won't work. What you have to do, until you remove this dense fascia and scar tissue from the back of your neck and shoulders and down your arms. It doesn't matter almost what you eat or how you exercise. You gotta remove that trauma. The physical body is the foundation for you psychologically and emotionally and spiritually, so you gotta go there first. 'Cause people that try to affect themselves in terms of abuse just psychologically or emotionally or spiritually, that's great, and you can get some great results that way. And people have some great techniques for doing that. But the foundation is the physical body. And knowing that if you naturally stretch, you can cause a regeneration of your body, a reduction of premature aging, an increase in health. That's your foundation. And then from that, your psychological health can soar, and then your emotional maturation can soar, and then spiritually, your life value gets better, and your life choices are better, but you have to go after the body. So when a person's been sexually abused, what happens is that the scar tissue shows up here, endocrine system malfunctions. Now their weight's a huge issue. And so if you do exercise, it's for those muscle groups here, down the front center sexual, the balancing muscle group on the back of sexual, brain meridian. When you do those actually, you can start to repair that trauma, and then your endocrine system will start to function. Your looks go up, which is amazing phenomena. And you remove all kinds of problems, not just the weight problem, but the sexual abuse causes a mood disorder, and it causes distrust and reducing the ability to be intimate. It creates a depersonalization. It creates a too menticidal way of thinking. So you won't just get a change in your physical body and become better looking, but all these other parts will change at the same time. It's a really important thing to not blame people that are obese. That's not what's going on. That's not a choice. That's something that's happening to them. And they haven't been educated enough to know that they could actually do something about it and have somebody help them do that. If they go through their physical body and naturally stretch, then it's really gonna affect them. So let's stop shaming 'cause the person already feels shame. Let's stop doing that, and let's see that the person has a part that doesn't work when they're obese, and let's just get that part to work, right? If the car has a flat tire, you don't throw out the tire, you don't throw out the car. You fix the tire, you keep the car. If a person's an asshole or they're obese or whatever the hell their problem is, who cares? Just fix that part of them. If you can afford it, help fix that part of them. Let's do that instead.

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